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puto el que lo lea ☃☃ ★ ¡Bienvenido al mundo Gacha! ★ Cree su propio anime denominado Gacha Summoner, y Gacha el mejor 5 ★ 'fácilmente! ¡Consigue gemas cultivando misiones, luchando contra Raid Bosses, PvP, y muchas más maneras! Salva al mundo de la corrupción y aprende la historia de cada persona. Consiga su gacha encendido y incorpore el mundo del Gacha!

Game Features Edit

★ Gacha 90 Characters in Gacha World!

★ RPG Battle system with elemental strengths & weaknesses

★ Story, Events, PvP League, Boss Raids, & Tower Modes!

★ 3 gems per pull, 30 gems for a 10+1 Gacha, 150 gems for a 50+5 Gacha!

★ Free 2 Play, You can farm for gems easily!

★ Customize your Hero! Buy clothes, hats, and more in the shop

★ Google Play Leaderboards & Achievements

★ Play offline! No wi-fi is needed to play


Where can I download/update the game?

Google Play Store:

Gacha World APK:

App Store/iOS:

What's New Edit

★ Happy Valentine's Day! ★

- New 6-Star Valentine's Day characters have been added to the Gacha!  


- 6-Star Gacha Characters! - New Arena, Tower, Bosses, and Events!

- Level up your Gacha Summoner to level 200! - Awaken your 5-stars & 6-stars for increased Stats!!  

(February 9th 2017)  Latest Version: 1.2.8

Wikia ContentEdit


Story Bosses (guides)





To-do listEdit

  • Finish the Story (while most pressing, I will do it when I finish the story first)
  • Finish the Towers
  • Create individual pages for characters with fully leveled up and max LB%
  • Add images to characters
  • Change "gold" and "gems" to their respective images
  • Create a page on gems
  • Create Arena page
  • Other things that might come up later

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