Gacha-Robo Chibi

Gacha Robo is a 3-Star Water unit in Gacha World. You obtain him for free in the Tutorial Gacha. He is also the first story NPC in Gacha Woods. He has a round, blue head with a black band-like stripe around the center of it. His eyes are cyan. His torso and limbs look robotic and have spherical joints. His attack style is Single Attack.

Skills Edit

Leader skill - None

Active skill - Robo Impact, Attack a single enemy with a powerful strike (Single Enemy attack)

Skill Quote - Gatcha gacha! Gotcha Good!

Story Edit

Gacha Robo originated from one of Creator Luni's sample creations as the technology embedded into the robot was much more advanced than any futuristic world that revolves around the world of Gacha World. The mechanical parts of the robot were also rare in a sense, along with its electromagnetic functions that allow Gacha Robo to detach any part of the body without malfunctioning.

It seems that Creator Luni had abandoned the experimentation of Gacha Robo because the robot is already complete in a sense. It has a considerable level of artificial intelligence, state-of-the-art hardware, top-spec firmware, making it one of the most advanced creations that Creator Luni had made. It has also the ability to project, receive emotions and possess the capability to feel them. It was proven when Gacha Robo is able to make puns or jokes to guests.

Shortly after the Gacha Summoner had been summoned to the Gacha World along with the Guardian Fairy of the world, Ellie, Gacha Robo is seen lurking around the Gacha Woods, with parts suddenly seemed missing for some reason due to the monsters in the woods making their encounter very coincidental as the adventures of the Gacha Summoner would start with the very first interaction with a resident of the world, the Gacha Robo.

Trivia Edit

  • Gacha Robo is one of the most recognized characters from Gacha World, as he is the first unit you interact with in story mode and also one of the first units you obtain in the game.
  • Gacha Robo has the unique ability to remove its limbs without injuring or hurting itself, which is shown in his attack where he takes his head off and smashes the target with it.
  • It is one of the five heroes used in the challenge quest "Gacha League", along with Reed, Claire, Tiff, and Starlight Ellie.

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