Summary Edit

Creator Luni Chibi

The Creator Luni is a 5-Star Water Unit that can be obtained through spending Gems or Tickets. She is sometimes interpreted as the mascot of Lunime. Her attack style is AoE.

Appearance Edit

She has bright cyan eyes, short dark cyan hair with an ahoge and wears a sleeveless dark cyan shirt slightly covered by a unzipped black and neon cyan hoodie jacket. She usually is wearing the hoodie over her head. She also wears matching shorts, thigh-length socks and shoes. Her head can be seen fully in the fight in 9-5-5 and in the fourth challenge quest, Gacha League.

Story Edit

Not much of Luni's past is currently known. She created many of the worlds featured in Gacha World, and then some. She created many of the characters as well, including every 5-Star up until after the Neon Lunatics row. Her most loyal servant was Succubus Lilith. Under the influence of the Final Boss, she corrupted many others in her worlds. Luckily, the Summoner came along to destroy the corruption and free Luni from her despair. She went on to help the Summoner in his final fight by giving him the power to summon without his Sword.

Skills Edit

Leader Skill - Time Stop - Delays all enemies's turns by 1 (Not boss)

Active Skill - Erase All - Luni sends forth a barrage of missiles to explode all enemies

Skill quote - "How should I delete you? Let's go with missiles."

Trivia Edit

  • The fifth boss fight in Chapter Nine.
  • She is one of only two characters to have multiple boss fights: one in 9-5-4 with a normal fight, the second in 9-5-5 in a platforming-style game, and the third in the fourth challenge quest called "The Gacha League".
  • Creator Luni is often known to represent one of Gacha World's main developers, Lucas Lee.
  • She is one of the 5* you can summon in the RNG Goddess Ellie fight.
  • She has a 6* modeled after her, in which she has fused with Lilith to become Lovely Lunith.
  • In Gacha Resort, a unit named "Lucas" was released, which was an obvious reference to Lucas's old OC before modern Lunime.