Creator Luni Edit

Creator Luni Chibi

The Creator Luni is a 5 star Water Unit that can be gacha'ed through spending gems or 5 star tickets. She is sometimes interpreted as the mascot of Lunime. She has bright cyan eyes, short dark cyan hair with an ahoge and wears a sleeveless dark cyan shirt slightly covered by a unzipped black and neon cyan hoodie jacket with her wearing the hoodie over her head. She also wears matching shorts, thigh-length socks and shoes. Her head can be seen fully in the fight in 9-5-5 and in the fourth challenge quest, Gacha League. Her Attackstyle is AoE.

Skills Edit

  • Leader Skill

Time Stop - Delays all enemies's turns by 1 (Not boss)

  • Active Skill

Erase All - Luni sends forth a barrage of missiles to explode all enemies

Quotes Edit

"How should I delete you? Let's go

Trivia Edit

  • the fifth boss fight in Chapter Nine.
  • She is one of only two characters to have multiple boss fights: one in 9-5-4 with a normal fight, the second in 9-5-5 in a platforming-style game, and the third in the fourth challenge quest called "The Gacha League".
  • Creator Luni is often known to represent one of Gacha World's main developers, known as Luni.
  • She is one of the 5* you can summon in the RNG Goddess Ellie fight.
  • She has a 6* modeled after her, in which she has fused with Lilith to become Lovely Lunith.
  • Creator Luni has a neko modeled after in Neko Gacha, which is named "Luni Neko".

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