Hello!, If this is the creator of gacha studio can you make that the background can be picked from the camera roll? Oh and add games so we can level up our characters I would be happy if you can pick the colour of your clothes And add so we can do animation.. like how you walk but it looks real Honestly i think gachaverse is better But i love your creation I appreciate the work you have done I am in LOVE with this game and thousands of others do to Btw i love your work Love, One of your fans ❤

Appearance Edit

Creator Luni has bright blue eyes, short dark cyan hair with a long ahoge and wears a dark black shirt under an unzipped, black-and-white hoodie. She usually is wearing the hoodie over her head. She also wears matching short-shorts, thigh-length socks and shoes. Her head can be seen fully in the fight in 9-5-5 and in the fourth challenge quest, Gacha League!

Story Edit

Luni was one of many creators, and one of the youngest creators as well. It took a while for her to get used to her powers, but she eventually got the hang of it. At one point when she was young, a follower of Sol hacked her universe and nearly killed her. She was luckily able to defend herself. Afterwards, she sought out to destroy all who worship Sol, but her searches ended up reaching dead ends after a while, so she gave up and continued to create.she is awesome :3

She went on to create Lilith from a part of herself, and then she created the world she calls the Luniverse. Many other beings were created in this odd universe, including gods such as Mitsuko. Eventually, the world created its own RNG system, which Luni had little control over.

Likely sometime after the creation of the RNG system, the events of Gachaverse will occur.

After Gachaverse, Luni comes in contact with corruption, and her lack of motivation causes her to shake the entire world into corruption. Her powers created portals that transported normal Earthlings (such as Naomi) to the Luniverse and made certain individuals corrupt, leading to chaos being provoked in many parts of the Luniverse. Eventually, the Summoner appears alongside Ellie and solves all of these problems, including Luni's corruption.

When RNG Goddess Ellie gains control of the White and Black Gacha Swords, Luni assists the summoner by allowing them to summon units without his sword.

Skills Edit

Leader Skill - Delays all enemies' turns by 1 (not boss)

Active Skill - Luni calls forth a barrage of missiles to explode enemies

Skill quote - "How should I delete you? Let's go with missiles!"


•Summoner - The Summoner is one of Luni's closest friends. They feel an emotional connection towards each other, likely because the Summoner is the person who saved her from corruption.

•Lilith - Succubus Lilith is Luni's first creation and best friend. Luni often gets lonely, and Lilith keeps her company. Since Lilith was made from a part of Luni, they share their thoughts and emotions.

•Mei - Charlotte Mei is one of Luni's newest creations. She is used as a servant. Though they don't act compassionate towards each other, Luni's bond with Mei is unbreakable.

Trivia Edit

  • She is the fifth boss fight in Chapter Nine.
  • She is (voted) the best gacha studio character along with Reed.
  • She is often known to represent one of Gacha World's main developers, Lucas Lee.
    • In Gacha Resort, a unit named "Lucas" was released, which was an obvious reference to Lucas's old OC before modern Lunime.
  • She is one of only two characters to have multiple boss fights: one in 9-5-4 with a normal fight, the second in 9-5-5 in a platforming-style game, and the third in the fourth challenge quest called "The Gacha League".
  • She is one of the 5* you can summon in the RNG Goddess Ellie fight.
  • She has her own path in Gacha Memories.
  • She is voiced by "Jamie".