Appearance Edit

Creator Luni has bright blue eyes, short dark cyan hair with a long ahoge and wears a dark black shirt under an unzipped, black-and-white hoodie. She usually is wearing the hoodie over her head. She also wears matching short-shorts, thigh-length socks and shoes. Her head can be seen fully in the fight in 9-5-5 and in the fourth challenge quest, Gacha League.

Story Edit

She was born from a coding bug, and eventually, she became the creator.

Skills Edit

Leader Skill - Delays all enemies' turns by 1 (not boss)

Active Skill - Luni calls forth a barrage of missiles to explode enemies

Skill quote - "How should I delete you? Let's go with missiles!"


LILITH She is combined with Lilith to make Lovely Lunith. She is also a best friend of Luni. The four, (Reed, Luni, Kilios, and Lilith.) Fight together sometimes.

Trivia Edit

  • She is the fifth boss fight in Chapter Nine.
  • She is (voted) the best gacha studio character along with Reed.
  • She is often known to represent one of Gacha World's main developers, Lucas Lee.
    • In Gacha Resort, a unit named "Lucas" was released, which was an obvious reference to Lucas's old OC before modern Lunime.
  • She is one of only two characters to have multiple boss fights: one in 9-5-4 with a normal fight, the second in 9-5-5 in a platforming-style game, and the third in the fourth challenge quest called "The Gacha League".
  • She is one of the 5* you can summon in the RNG Goddess Ellie fight.