Bosses Edit

All bosses gets one level after you beat them. The more you beat them, the stronger they get.

After beating them you are rewarded with a number of Gems. You get awarded one more Gem every 10 levels, starting from 3.

They can drop everything, Gems, Golds even a 5★ Ticket

Story Bosses : Edit

The following Bosses are available after you beat them in the story mod :

Name Skill Element Hp Per Level
Corrupted Jessie Pirate's Greed

Attack two times rapidly with a saber

"The grand treasure is mine alone!"

Yandere Kuku Senpai Love

Attack three times rapidly with a cleaver


Corrupted Luna Wrath Of Luna

Rapid double slaps

"You will be destroyed."


Elemental Bosses : Edit

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